High-speed automatic laundry beads packaging machine For small and medium-sized production lines

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High-speed automatic laundry beads packaging machine For small and medium-sized production lines

Model: TOP330


Type :High Speed Multi-function

Feature:24 hours long-lasting use

Automatic level: fully automatic


Injection Material:  various of powders ,liquid, mix formular  such as washing and cleaning, medical washing, and medical washing.


Safe, efficient and fully automatic high-speed bead packaging machine. It provides MES connection, complies with safety standards such as CE and CUL, and supports CIP/SIP. It provides software and hardware support for factories to achieve intelligent manufacturing, and is suitable for the intelligentization of the daily chemical industry, used by small and medium manufacturing enterprises.

Performance characteristics

1.Designed for small or medium  capacity;

2.Easy to operate, less investment and quick return;

3.Filling with one or multi material;

4.Touch Screen computer control center setting;

5.Cost reduction technology;

6.Fast change of roller, high efficiency of conversion production;

7.Safety design in all systems, equipment reliability improving on more steps;

8.The main roller can be switched quickly and the production conversion efficiency is high;

9.The mold system can be cleaned directly with water, making it easier to maintain and maintain;

10.”One-click” operating system and “one-less” production model;

11.Modular structure design, more convenient equipment management, and greater upgrade space;

12.Patented vacuum structure design facilitates equipment maintenance;

13.Split mold design makes it easy to change product shapes;

14.High-speed optical fiber communication, servo response is faster and more accurate;

15.Fully automatic film splicing device reduces downtime and film loss.

Technical Parameters

Types of products can be produced Liquid



Cream Customization

Production capacity(All Liquid) 67rows/m
Production capacity(16pcs/line) 670pcs/m
Size Range 3-30g
Tolerance 土0.5g
Consumed Power 15KW
Dimension(L * W * H) 3050*1400*1980MM
Package Wooden case


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